Find some inspiration how you improve the shakes with extra vitamins, minerals etc. using them as Fruit Shakes. 


The recipies should give you some inspiration what additional ingredients you can add to your shake to enhance them. I am not an nutrionist but I love the additional ingredients in my shakes, whether it is the flavour, the creamyness or extra vitamins and minerals . I hope you like the recipes and you enjoy the shakes as much I do. If you want to share any of your own recipes , simply send an email to and I can add them to the VivaMK Shakes reviews  and on the recipe pages.

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Banana Mango

Mango is a  great fruit to add to a smoothie, as it low in calories and high in fibre. Other vitamins in the mango are a vitamins A and C and other minerals such as zink, calcium and vitamin E. An allrounder to get plenty of vitamins in you.

200ml water

100ml Coconut milk (or use 300ml coconut water instead of water and coconut milk, yummy)

1 scoop Vanilla Velvet

Natural Greel Yoghurt (or try Quark if you feel for a change)

1 Banana

1 handful Mango

Recipe by Ivonne Meisel, VivaMK Health Ambassador.

Banano Mango Smoothie

Exotic Blueberry

This smoothie is a very creamy and exotic fruit drink. It has a sweet taste thanks to the exotic fruits and blueberry bliss powder. Exotic fruits have got plenty of vitamin c, minerals and they can help fight diseases too. The Flax seeds help with cholesterol levels. To make it a creamy smoothie I used natural greek yoghurt. 

150ml Coconut milk

150ml water

1 scoop Blueberry Bliss VivaMK Meal replacement powder

2 spoons natural greek yohghurt

2 tea spoons flax seeds

1 handful frozen tropical fruits

some cinnamon

Recipe by Ivonne Meisel, VivaMK Health Ambassador.

Blueberry smootie with a hint of excotic fruits


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