The Products

Specially formulated products  that are all about you

VivaMK Health products are all about you

All VivaMK Health products have been specially formulated and can be only and exclusive purchased from VivaMK distributors. 

In total we are offering 10 health products plus 1 , when we  include our own shaker. Our products are vegan and gluten-free too.

Every product stands for itself, but what they all have in common is, they are all about you

Your health, building your confidence, your self-believe and helping you to focus more , whether they are activities or goals.

Love life, feel good, lose weight.

The Journey

The VivaMK Health journey started in October 2020 with our three Meal Replacement Shakes years and the the following Berry Buzz Breakfast drink shortly after that.

Since then more and different products have been formualted and produced. 

When Velvet Nights was launched it became the fastest selling product within the the VivaMK Health range, following up with our newest Fat Burning Drinks, where Flaming Orange is more  popular than the Hot Watermelon Drink.

In 2021 VivaMK Health Ambassadors were announced. Follow my VivaMK Health Ambassador blog and hear the latest news and more.  

VivaMK Meal Replacement Meals and Berry Buzz Breakfast Drink
VivaMK Health Products Video
VivaMK Health Products

So far these products are released. For further information, such as ingreadients and the benefits click on "More Info".

  • Vanilla Velvet Meal Replacement Meal Shake
  • Chocolate Cream Meal Replacement Shake
  • Blueberry Bliss Meal Replacement Shake
  • Berry  Buzz Breakfast Drink
  • Red-Hot Watermelon Fat Burning Drink
  • Flaming Orange Fat Burning Drink
  • Velvet Nights Chocolate Sleep Drink
  • Body Reboot Warming Spice Detox Drink
  • Cheeky Chocolate Protein Pancakes
  • Banging Banoffe Protein Pancakes
  • VivaMK Health Shaker
VivaMK Health Catalogue

You can also browse our VivaMK Health catalogue here. The catalogue gives you also the opportunity to shop directly from the catalogue. The catalogue calls "Believe in you" , which again describes in three words only how you can benefit from using the products.  

For all VivaMK catalogues including the Health catalogue click on the button below.