Inspiration how to make that perfect shake 

Banana Mango Vanilla Shake

The Idea Behind This

Of course you can make any of our VivaMK Meal Replacement Shakes just with water, oat milk, coconut water, coconut milk or what you prefer most, they are simply delicious just preparing it like that. 

However, when you add some other ingredients to your protein shake you can make it even healthier, you get even more vitamins and minerals that way. The shakes can be used by men and women.

Live healthier, watch your diet and improve your energy. Protein Shakes can help you to achieve these.

On this page I am sharing a few recipes with you, you can try. Whether you want to use our shakes as a breakfast, lunch or dinner shake. The shakes can be consumed at any time of the day.

I started having a daily shake last year to live a healthier lifestyle, to consume more fruits and veg and simply drink more liquids, because I seemed to 'forget' about drinking throughout the day, so I suffered often from headaches, felt tired and did not have energy throughout the day.

With our shakes, you will see how great and simple they are, to enhance them with extra fruit, veg and water or non-dairy milk. Of course you can use dairy milk too, but then they aren't vegan anymore. You gain more energy, feel less hungry (that's , if you want to lose weight) and less tired and your confidence will improve, you start believe more in yourself and focus more to achieve goals.

Gluten-free and vegan shakes , that can be used how you like them.  Simply add your favouite fruits / veg to enhance the flavour with your selected protein powder shake and be enjoy trying and eating more regular veg / fruit.

Below and on the other pages are a few ideas if you would like some inspiration for your meal replacement shakes.

Breakfast Shakes

Honey & Greek Joghurt

A breakfast shake you will love and get inspired selecting other ingredients to add even more flavour.

Using the Vanilla Velvet Shake, Honey, natural Greek Joghurt and flaxseeds you make your shake as a creamy shake and yet you flavour it with a hint of  honey and vanilla.

For the full recipe and other recipes using the VivaMK Berry Buzz, Chocolate Cream, Vanilla Velvet and Blueberry Bliss click on the button below.

Honey Smoothie

Fruit Shakes

Banana Mango

Banana Mango Smoothie

The banana and mango one is one of my favourites as it is a very creamy, sweet and yet filling.

I used Cocounut Milk, one banana and one handful mango and our Vanilla Velvet. The Vanilla flavour can be used so many variations, it is just delicious. 

If you would like the shake a bit thinner, use water too.

For the full recipe and other recipes using the VivaMK Berry Buzz, Chocolate Cream, Vanilla Velvet and Blueberry Bliss click on the button below.

Veg Shakes

The green energy boost with Kale

Gaining energy with a veg, fruit and our protein powder.

These are perfect if you want to replace this type of shake a with a full meal you would usually have for lunch or dinner.

The green smooothies give you plenty of B-vitamins, they help your body to release energy and keep you full for a long time.

This smoothie was made with kale, banana, plum, pineapple and the Vanilla Velvet protein powder.

For the full recipe and other recipes using the VivaMK Berry Buzz, Chocolate Cream, Vanilla Velvet and Blueberry Bliss click on the button below.

Baking Ideas

Energy Balls for on the go

Baking is always fun. The whole family can be involved that way.

On this page you can find some inspiring baking ideas using our products. 

The Banoffee Energy Balls are a quick and simple to make. They are ideal for snack or lunch boxes. Healthy, fruity and yet still filling. You will not want to eat another snack in between, therefore can help with weightloss too.

The Energy Balls are made with walnuts, cashew nuts, coconut milk, cranberries, coconut flakes and of course one of our Protein Pancake Powder. I have used the Banoffee. If you prefer it more chocolatty, why not use the Cheeky Chocolate?  

Have you noticed? The energy balls do not need any sugar or  sweeteners! Because of the cranberries and our flavoured pancake powder you will not need any additional sugar or sweeteners. 

For the full recipe and other Baking Recipe Ideas click the blue button below.

Bale your own Energy Balls with VivaMK Pancake Powder

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