Breakfast Shakes that give you the energy

Find some inspiration how you improve the shakes with extra vitamins, minerals etc. Of course you can use the Berries  , Blueberry BIiss, Vanilla Velvet and Chocolate Cream how they are stated on each package, but I personally like to add some extra to it, whether I would like to have them more creamier, more fruits or thicker.

I love the Breakfast Shakes, there are a quick to make, yet are healthy and very filling that they fill you up for hours!


The recipies should give you an idea what you can add to your shake. I am not an nutrionist but love the additional ingredients in my shakes . I hope you enjoy them, if you want to share your ideas , simply send an email to and I can add them to the VivaMK Shakes reviews  and on the recipe pages.

More recipes will follow. Save this website on your device and keep coming back. In a few weeks you see a great amount of recipe options.

Honey Greek Yoghurt

We all know that Yoghurt is good for you. It contains a lot of proteins and is high in calcium, which is good for teeth, muscles and bones.


300ml Dairy Milk

1 scoop Vanilla Velvet powder

2 big spoons Greek Yoghurt

1-2 spoons porridge oats

1 banana

1 spoon honey

2 spoon Chia Seeds

Recipe by Ivonne Meisel, VivaMK Health Ambassador.

Honey Greek Yoghurt Smoothie

Choc Banana Split

When you are a chocaholic and you want to have the chocoalte taste in the morning you might want to try this "Choc Banana Split"

300ml Oat Milk

1 scoop Chocolate Cream Powder

2 tea spoons Oats

2 tea spoons Flax Seeds

1 Banana

Recipe by Ivonne Meisel, VivaMK Health Ambassador.

Creamy Blueberry 

Cinnamon does not only add spice to your breakfast shake, it is also high in fiber. Cinnamon can boost metabolism, regulating blood sugar levels and therefore can be  great for weightloss.

300ml Oat Milk

1 scoop Vanilla Velvet VivaMK Shake Powder

2 tea spoons porridge oats

1 tea spoon Honey

some cinnamon

some frozen banana pieces

Frozen Blueberries

Recipe by Ivonne Meisel, VivaMK Health Ambassador.

Creamy Blueberry Vanilla Honey Cinnamon Smoothie

Mixed Berries with Quark

I love this one with Quark. Quark is high in protein and  naturally a fat free cheese. Quark is great for puddings, cooking and baking such as cheese cake. It's a perfect ingredient to use it for breakfast. 

300ml Dairy Milk

1 scoop Vanilla Velvet VivaMK Powder

2 spoons Quark

1-2 spoons porridge oats

Frozen mixed berries

some cinannamon

if you prefer it sweeter add 1 tea spoon Honey or 1 tea spoon Algave syrup.

Recipe by Ivonne Meisel, VivaMK Health Ambassador.

Mixed Berries with Quark Smoothie

Berry Banana Bliss

Using the Berry Buzz in this recipe, makes it a yummy, creamy and yet very fast breakfast. The Berry Buzz tastes already very oaty, however if you would like to thicken it up, you can also another spoon of oats.

300ml Oat Milk

1 scoop Berry Buzz powder mix

1 banana

2 tea spoons Flax Seeds

1 spoon oats (optional), if you prefer an  even thicker breakfast shake add some oats to your shake.

Recipe by Ivonne Meisel, VivaMK Health Ambassador.

Berry Banana Bliss

Bluerberry Banana with a hint of coconut

Using our Blueberry Bliss and a banana you have a quick, simple and a creamy breakfast smoothie. I add usually some yoghurt or quark to that as well, to make it even creamier. The coconut milk is another great ingredients with having so many benefits: coconut milk is sweet and  can help with weightloss, stenghten the immun system, is great for hair and skin and it contains antioxidents, 

300ml Coconut Milk

1 scoop Bluerberry Biss powder

1 banana

2 spoons natural yoghurt or quark (what you prefer most)

some cinnamon

Recipe by Ivonne Meisel, VivaMK Health Ambassador.

Coconut milk in a Blueberry Banana Smoothie

Nutty choc

Peanut Butter is a good source of protein and omega-6. Peanut Butter can help to maintain the blood sugar and blood pressure level and the cholesterol.

300ml dairy milk (or use peanut / oat milk, whatever you prefer)

1 scoop Chocolate Velvet

1 spoon peanut butter

1-2 spoons oats

Another great tip: If you love orange chocolate, why not add some orange slices, to give it an orange-chocolate and peanut flavour?

Recipe by Ivonne Meisel, VivaMK Health Ambassador.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Smoothie

Mango Fascination

The pea protein milk comes with a lot of benefits, it is not only vegan, but it is rich in Vitamin A and D, iron, calcium and potassium and has a good source of plant-based protein.

It is low in calorie and yet it  is very creamy . If you haven't tried this protein milk before, have a go and try it.

350ml pea protein milk (or any other milk based liquid)

1 scoop Vanilla Velvet

some frozen Mango pieces

1/2 banana (if it's a small banana use 1 banana)

1 spoon Flax Seeds

3 teaspoons oats

2 teaspoons greek natural Yoghurt

some cinnamon

Recipe by Ivonne Meisel, VivaMK Health Ambassador.

Mango Fascination

Get inspired with VivaMK Health products and my recipes

You can see from my recipes, you can have very deliciuos smoothies and using our powder shakes at the same time, improving our protein powder shakes with simple additional ingredients. They are healthy, quick and very simple to make. 

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