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Helping you to "Believe in yourself", finding confidence and focus more on your life with our Vegan and Eco-Friendly VivaMK Health products.

Focus and achieve more goals whilst you gain more confidence.

Find out more about our products and some ideas to enjoy them even more. 




Our Products

Whilst the range of products is still growing, you can enjoy our Meal Replacement Shakes and our Drinkware products.

Our Meal Shakes can help you live healthier, whilst you feel good with yourself, gain more confidence and more belief.  All our VivaMK Health Shakes are vegan, gluten free , full of vitamins and minerals that keep you full for hours. Increase your energy, feel less tired but more awake.

Get inspired with some recipe ideas using our Meal Replacement and Breakfast Shakes.

Enhance them with extra fruit, vegetables or seeds to give them a special flavour.

Smoothie Recipes

Make it personal with our Stainless Steel Bottles and Travel Mugs. All of our drinkware products can be personalised with a name or short message. Why not giving these out as present with a message like this?  "Drink more water" . Keep it special, unique and live more healthy.

What is NEW in VivaMK Health and what is coming next? We will see many more products in the future, they might be more shakes, more drinkware or even pancakes! Find out more on our What-is-new  page


Berry Buzz

Chocolate Cream

Vanilla Velvet

Blueberry Bliss


Banging Banoffee

Cheeky Chocolate

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Personalised Travel Mug

Rose Gold Stainless Steel Bottle

Matt Finish Stainless Steel Bottles

Personalised Iridescent Double Wall Travel Mug

Personalised Shiny Finish Stainless Steel Bottles

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VivaMK Health Vegan Pancakes


People who tried and using our products

Maybe you came across this website by coincedince or you were looking into our products before and now want more feedback from other people, to help you to make a decision which product to use.

Click on the "CLICK HERE" button below to read more reviews from normal people using our Health products, whether it is a Meal Replacement Shake or a VivaMK personalised product.

Andrea about the Vanilla Velvet Meal Replacement Shake

"The shakes are very nice, they have helped me to lose weight and my energy improved too. I use the Vanilla Velvet for a few weeks now"

Michelle about the Breakfast Berry Buzz Shake

"This shake is really delicious. You feel full for hours. I love the Berry Buzz  shake and sometimes I add some extra fruit, like a banana  to get extra vitamins. You can also make your own creations with the shake."  

Kirsty about the Protein Banoffee Pancake

"As soon as I opened the pack of Banging Banoffee the smell was just divine."  

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