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I have more energy


"I have been using the VivaMK Meal Reeplacement Chocolate Cream for a month now.

It took a  while to find the best combination for me. I have tried it with different non dailry milks and water (I definitely didn't like it with water), but I have found the unsweetened Almond the best.

I have lost a small amount of weight, but that's not why I use it.

I have never been a breakfast person and I decided that I would use the shake first thing in the morning for the  nutrition. It makes me full and I don't eat until I get home around 3pm.

I have also noticed a difference in my hair and nails. If I don't have my shake  I feel like I have less energy." 

VivaMK Chocolate Cream Breakfast


Blueberry Muffin Shake VivaMK


"Game changer. Yesterday I had my shake with water giving me a nice blueberry water. 

Today I have done it with oat milk and wow it's a blueberry muffin in a drink.  Fabulous.  Healhy mind is on track.


VivaMK Berry Buzz Review


"I am glad to be back on Berry Buzz this morning, after a couple of days of indulgence foods for my daughters birthday. 

I just always feel so much better within myself  when I am having a Berry Buzz for breakfast and then of the Meal Replacement Shakes either for lunch or dinner."

Perfect for travel


We love  these ombre double wall stainless steel bottles. They were given to us a gift. 

They keep your drinks hot for many hours and cold too. 

We often put coffee in the bottles when we are out for several hours. They are perfect for travel. The colours look amazing and they have a shiny finish.


VivaMK Berry Buzz review


I have always used the Chocolate Cream Meal Replacement shake in the morning, but this morning I decided to the the new Berry Buzz breakfast shake.

It's not as thick as the meal replacement shake but it has a lovely fruity taste that gives you all the vitamins and minerals you need for the day ahead. I know it says make it with water but I stuck with the Almond milk and I have to say I am very impressed with this product.

Perfect for the office


These mugs are fabulous. They look great and they keep the drinks hot for hours.

Perfect for the office.



Been on the Berry Buzz shake and Blueberry Bliss meal replacement shake for a week.

I have lost 5lbs. The main bonus for me though is how I feel. More energised, less bloated, no indigestion or heartburn. Still been having my evening meal. They taste really nice too. 

VivaMK Berry Buzz and Blueberry Bliss



Berry shake mixes well with fork. Very nice. 

I have mine with full fat milk, it's helping me to build back up after hospital.

They help to lose weight


They are very nice and helping to lose weight. I use the Vanilla Meal Replacement  and add some frozen fruits to enhance it.

Vanilla Meal Replacement Shake


VivaMK Health Review Pancakes


I am loving the VivaMK Protein Pancakes!

As soon as I opened the pack of Banging Banoffee the smell was just divine.

So easy and quick to make, just get the liquid of your choice (water, milk, plant-based etc) and whisk it with two scoops of powder to create a nice lump-free batter.

The smell of the powder is divine too

These pancakes are packed full of protein and are vegan too and were most satisfying, a delicious healthy alternative to any meal, any time of the day.

You won't be disappointed, I certainly wasn't. Truly scrumptious!

You can smell the chocolate before opening the pack


This is my new nightly routine!

You can smell the chocolate before opening the pack

Very easy to make. I opted to pour 200ml milk into a jug, heat in the microwave and pour over one scoop of powder and stir with a teaspoon.

It was lovely and light to drink and settled on my stomach before I went to bed (about 30 mins before bedtime)

I also tried it cold, and to my surprise, it was lovely at this temperature too. So, good to know, for those hot summer months! (all of 7 nights a year if you live up north )

I had a good night's rest and look forward to using this drink more often to blissfully unwind.

Velvet Night's contains Hibiscus too, renowned for lowering blood pressure and helping to reduce stress, I think you all know who might cause me a little stress in the day

VivaMK Sleep Drink Velvet Nights Chocolate
Chocolate Drink Powder

Felt very relaxed throughout the night

Relaxed throughout the night with Velvet Nights


Last night I tried Velvet Nights out & I got to sleep really quickly.

I didn't need to take my valerian sleep drops that I normally have to take every night to try and fall asleep. I got up a few times during night (I always do anyway) and I went straight back asleep each time.

I felt very relaxed throughout the night and will take it again tonight. 

Burn that fat with a herbal drink


I love this Red Hot Watermelon Drink. It not only tastes very fruity, very watermelon, it is also very easy and quick to make.

I simply add some water to my bottle, add one scoop of Fat Burning Drink , put the lid back on and shake it. The powder disolves within seconds. I usually have the drink cold, I find it also very refreshing.

I found that the drink helps with burning fat, because your energy increases and you feel more active. The drink also contains coffeine and when I have this drink in the late morning or just after lunch I also feel more awake. 

I really like this drink and I want to try the Orange flavour too. 

Fat Burning Drink VivaMK


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