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Ivonne Meisel, the right person to speak to about our VivaMK Health range

VivaMK Health Ambassador Ivonne Meisel

The variety of products will grow swiftly this year

Various new products are planned and already in production. As an appointed VivaMK Health Ambassador you will hear about them first here. Tried and tested by me. Watch out for the space. Make sure you save this website to your browser's device and come back regularly. 

Our products can give you many benefits to your health and lifestyl. Mine has changed for sure and I am sure, yours will too. 

If you want to purchase any of our health products head over to my webshop. You might even get verious discounts or offers. 


If you are interested in becoming a VivaMK Health Distributor yourself, you can find more information here . As a distributor you get various benefits too, for example receiving discounts on every product you purchase for yourself! 

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