What comes next in VivaMK Health?

On this page you can find the latest announcements and news about VivaMK Health

We have already delicous Meal Replacement Shakes, a Breakfast Shake and several products for your healthy drinks.

But we haven't had any pancakes yet, until now. 

Next in our Health range we see two different protein pancake flavours.

Banging Banoffee and Cheeky Chocolate

Banging Banoffee VivaMK Pancake
Cheeky Chocolate VivaMK Pancake

I am sure you can imagine what they will taste like? 

Banging Banoffee will taste after banana and toffee flavours and with the Cheeky Chocolate you will be in chocolate heaven. 

If you like sweet breakfasts or sweet lunches then these can be the perfect match for you to gain plenty of protein in only one pancake.

Both pancake flavours are Vegan and also Gluten-free.  Each package contains 9 servings. 

These will be available soon and can be ordered directly on the website or the webshop.

Pancake for breakfast with raspberries
Chocolate pancakes with extra fruit on top