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What is VivaMK Health?

VivaMK Health is range of products offered by VivaMK Network.

The products can be only purchased from VivaMK Distributors or from the  online webshop .

Health Shakes and Eco-Friendly Products

VivaMK Health is offering various Meal Replacement Shakes in different flavours and Eco-Friendly Personalised Stainless Steel Bottles and Stainless Steel Mugs.

You can replace one or two full meals with a shake , and gain more benefits of living a healhier life. You can lose weight, have more confidence and start believe more in yourself. 

Of course drinking water is always a good and healthy choice.  With our personalised range of bottles and travel cans, you won't forget to drink enough liquids. Drinking water has got many benefits, from gaining more energy, loosing weight, improvements of the skin, treating headaches, relief of constipation and can help to treat kidney stones.

Why not give them a stainless steel bottle or travel mug, with their name as a special present to show them that you care? Our products keep the dinks cold and hot for many hours and they are eco-friendly too. Click this button below to see them.

Happy family running a family business

VivaMK as an opportunity, you can work from home 

Start your own journey with VivaMK Network and VivaMK Health and become an independent Distributor

You can join us in VivaMK Network, earn an extra income, include your family, reap extra  benefits  such as  VivaMK Discounts by using our products  and other bonuses.

Start living your dream, make that holiday happen you always wanted or treat your kids / family with special events.

For further information visit the website worksocialmedia.co.uk or leave your details in the form below. You will be contacted with immediate information about the VivaMK opportunity. 

VivaMK Family Business Opportunity

Many people succeed and earn an income already. Whether it is part time or full time or just a few hours a week, everything is possible with no pressure or targets that need to be achieved.  Distributors earn an immediate 25% retail profits on every order they  receive, additional bonuses can be achieved too. Take a look of what VivaMK can hold for you and browse the popular catalogues right on your phone or computer .  

The VivaMK multi award winner Ivonne Meisel can help you off the ground from Day 1, help you  to log in to the distributor ordering site. The registration is the first step of success. 

Do you have any questions and want an immediate answer or want to join VivaMK? Have a look on this Q&A Page and find the answer to your question right now. 


Get in touch with Ivonne Meisel, the VivaMK Distributor who works the business with a passion. Complete the form below if you have any questions.

Ivonne Meisel

Sales Team Premier Leader, Health Ambassador & Advocate