Veg shakes can be energy boosters. Find some inspiration how you improve the shakes with extra vitamins, minerals etc. I have listed a few recipe ideas below to give you some inspiration how to enhance the shakes with additional vegetables.


The recipies should give you an idea what you can add to your shake. I am not an nutrionist but love the additional ingredients in my shakes . I hope you enjoy the shakes as much as I do. If you want to share your ideas , simply send an email to and I can add them to the VivaMK Shakes reviews  and on the recipe pages.

More recipes will follow. Save this website on your device and keep coming back. In a few weeks you see a great amount of recipe options.

The green energy boost with kale

Kale is high in protein, fibre and vitamins, helps to keep the skin healthy and string, is antioxidant and anti-inflammatory and has so many other benefits.  This smoothie is a very healthy one

100ml coconut milk

200ml water

1 scoop Vanilla Velvet Powder

1-2 handful fresh kale

1 banana

some Algave syrup

The green fitness drink

Avocado and spinach the perfect match for a green and healthy smoothie with healthy fats. The ideal fitness smoothie. I included some coconut milk too to give it a sweet flavour, I love the coconut flavour, of course if you prefer you can leave the coconut milk away and just use water. 

100ml coconut milk

200ml water

1 scoop Vanilla Velvet VivaMK Powder

1/2 Avocado

1-2 handful spinach

1 scoop Vanilla Velvet

a few slices of an orange

1 banana


Come back in a few days and see some more inspirational Veg smoothies